Be Smart.

Be Smart.



In the last decade smart technology has revolutionised our daily lives and transformed the way we live, work and play. A world of information is available at the touch of a button, offering increased connectivity and flexibility on a global scale. Our lives have become more convenient and our precious time is used more efficiently thanks to incredible technological advancements. Smart home technology has created a simpler, faster and more efficient way of life.      

BoConcept Contract Desk with Smart Functionality
BoConcepts Cupertino Desk showcasing smart-home-storage at it’s finest.

Our homes are now becoming smarter and smarter, with the ability to organise our household regimes, answer our questions, keep us secure and even play our favourites songs on demand! Today, working from home has become a reality for many people, which has been made possible by advanced connectivity and devices that are increasingly faster, more portable, and higher-powered than ever before.

Now is the perfect time to think about how we can embrace and incorporate smart technology into our homes in a way that enhances our lives but does not compromise the ‘look and feel’. It is often the case that technological devices can look harsh and out-of-place in a beautifully designed room. Typically, in the past we have stereotyped screens, cables, plugs and monitors as ‘ugly’ due to the cold, sterile looking shapes and textures in which they are manufactured.

Luckily, new-age product designers are taking this into account and coming up with ways to soften the look of these products and consider them in the same way we would consider any other item we incorporate into the interior design of our home.

BoConcept Contract Desk with Smart Functionality
Cupertino featuring bluetooth speakers elegantly designed to blend in with the interiors.

One of the truest characteristics of Scandinavian design is making sure spaces are well used and clutter free. Anything in view should be intentional with a “less is more” mantra, keeping spaces looking clean and visually relaxing. This is why Danes are experts at creating functional, integrated furniture that does not distract or sacrifice the balance within a space. A prime example of this is our iconic Cupertino work desk that features integrated storage compartments, cable management and stylishly subtle bluetooth speakers. Allowing you to work in a comfortable, organised, clutter free setting, with the advantage of connecting your calls or listening to your favourite music through your desk.

BoConcept Contract
Bang & Olufsen’s A1 2nd Generation portable speaker can blend in anywhere, home or away.

Another example of perfect technological design is the A1 2nd Generation speaker by Bang & Olufsen. It is not only a portable Bluetooth speaker but also a voice assistant (Via Alexa). Its refined, compact design has a soft and light look that will work in any environment, home or away.

Our Danish friends at Bang & Olufsen are pioneers in creating beautiful, high quality products. We share not only our heritage but also a mutual belief in the equal balance of form and function. They have managed to shape the future of audio design through their iconic and avantgarde aesthetics combined with revolutionary technology. Let’s follow by example and turn our homes and workspaces into smart, beautiful and functional places to be connected with the technological world!