Headspace at Home

Headspace at Home



There is no time like the present for checking in on ourselves and ensuring we are doing all we can to look after our own mental wellbeing. The past year has brought troubles and stresses to us all, and our only solace has been the comfort of our own homes. So for that reason, take a minute to have a look around you and make sure your home is giving you the headspace you need to carry on with a positive outlook.

BoConcept Desk with Man Headspace
Our storage solutions will help you keep a clear desk and a clear mind!

Believe it or not, our environment has a direct impact on the way we feel which is why it is so important not to underestimate the design decisions we make and to prioritise the elements that will make us feel happier and more comfortable. Humans instinctively respond better to environments that promote productivity and efficiency so here a few simple considerations that will help improve your ‘Headspace’ within your ‘Homespace’…


DE-CLUTTER: By clearing out the things you don’t love or don’t serve a purpose, you will not only clear physical space, but also mental space. Decluttering or ‘spring cleaning’ opens up the space and saves your brain from distraction created by mess and disorder. Ensure that all your belongings have a designated place that they are returned to after use. This will make keeping tidy and organised much easier which will in return promote productivity.

BoConcept Contract
Our Carmo Sofa defines comfort in the home! It’s modular design allows you to customise it to suit your space.

COMFORT IS KEY:  Often Interior design is considered mostly an aesthetical concept; however, beauty alone is not enough to equal good design. Comfort should be one of the main considerations when selecting furniture, especially if you want to love it for years to come. Not only does our environment have an impact on our mental wellbeing but even more so does our physical state. Ensuring our body is healthy and happy will also help ensure the same for our mind. Whatever you are doing in your home, whether it be working, sleeping, eating or relaxing… make sure you have the tools to make this activity comfortable. A snuggly soft sofa, a supportive desk chair, a cosy custom mattress. Make it a priority and you won’t regret it!

BoConcept Contract
Step away from the computer and go and grab your book!

TAKE A BREAK: We all understand the importance of ‘time-out’; dedicating some time to ourselves to rest and re-charge our battieries. We all know this is a great way to improve our outlook and productivity in the long run. Equally as important as dedicating ‘time’, is dedicating ‘space’. By creating an area in your home that is specifally designed for your ‘time-out’ will help you make it more of a habit to take this precious time rather than combining it with other household activities. It doesn’t have to be an entire room, even just an inviting reading corner with a cosy armchair will make a difference!

At the end of the day, YOU are the most important thing in your home, so make sure everything else in it works around you.. your needs, your priorities, your hobbies and your habits.