Work hard, play hard

Work hard, play hard



In their short film, Danish manufacturers BoConcept show how their products can be utilised equally well whether in a home, hospitality or office environment and give a taste of what contemporary living and work space can look like.

Work Space by BoConcept
Strength in depth: Whether sofas, benches, tables, chairs, armchairs or stools, the BoConcept range is equipped to fit out entire office environments – as showcased by the interior of Kern Innovations in Munich

BoConcept has established itself as a leading supplier of furniture for residential, hospitality, office and co-working projects. One example of a co-working space is Kern Innovations in Munich, which is equipped with such iconic BoConcept design pieces as the seamless Torino table and ergonomic Adelaide chair.

BoConcept is only too aware that the borders between work and living spaces are increasingly blurred. The company recently commissioned a video, made by Alessio Maiolino, Commercial Interior Designer at BoConcept, which envisions a contemporary live-work space where office furniture is juxtaposed with more domestic-looking pieces.

A meeting room at Kern Innovations is furnished with classic, curvaceous, comfortable Adelaide chairs

With the camera moving at a slow, dreamlike pace, we first see a discrete, glass-fronted meeting room. So far so conventional. But then the video reveals a series of porous, interconnected spaces. For a moment, we are presented with an aerial view of rows of the minimalist white Phoenix desks and black office chairs before the space morphs into a relaxed café area, featuring the Toulouse sofa system with high-backed upholstered booths and low tables and a tall dining table with barstools. Fronting a panel sprouting a vertical garden – BoConcept highly recommends greenery in work areas as it improves the air quality – are three pop neon signs spelling out the words ‘Live’, ‘Work’ and ‘Play’.

BoConcept Contract
A meeting room at Kern Innovations is furnished with classic, curvaceous, comfortable Adelaide chairs

Once again, the camera affords a bird’s eye-view of a space, this time peppered with the informal Ottawa sofa – an intriguing jigsaw puzzle of flexible modules of interlocking seating options, including pouffes, in various shapes to give sitters freedom to reposition themselves. The Atlanta smart office system that creates a casual breakout area cheekily rubs shoulders with apparently permanent desks, the spaces conveying the idea that they’re flexible and can be easily reconfigured.
Much of the furniture in the video looks organic, while its colours are natural – stone, maize yellow or shades like turmeric or toffee – collectively creating a warm, inviting environment.

The concluding view reveals how these myriad permutations of work and recreational spaces seamlessly merge. It’s a closing image that highlights the key activities BoConcept furniture addresses – live, work and play.

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