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BoConcept’s Contract team in London is a world-class interior design team that delivers turnkey furnishing solutions for residential properties, hospitality environments and office spaces, built upon BoConept’s range of contemporary furniture. Our quality, together with the fact that our designs can be fully customised provides the perfect solution when you want to create a special place for your clients. We offer a one-stop solution not only for furniture but also by providing a fully co-ordinated collection of finishing touches, all of which is controlled internally from the manufacture to the installation.

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Furniture’s importance can’t be overstated. It can make or break a home – and your ability to sell it. With a range that covers large-scale build-to-rent to show home design and landlord furniture packages, we tailor solutions that put your portfolio in its best light.

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Meeting rooms and offices are where decisions are made, ideas formed and strategies devised. So, why are so many spaces uninspiring? Our furniture and accessories give you work environments designed for creativity and success.

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More than food, drink and good service, the recipe for a memorable stay requires the right atmosphere. Our designs give your establishment just that. Together, we create style and comfort, helping your guests feel right at home.

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The extraordinary behind BoConcept

Unlike many others in the industry we design, manufacture and sell contemporary furniture, accessories and lighting for living, dining, sleeping, home-office and outdoor spaces. Since 1952 we now have more than three hundred stores in over sixty countries, which means over the last 60 years we’ve perfected the manufacturing process and perhaps more importantly, we’ve perfected our understanding of what customers want from their furniture. 

What’s truly unique is that our furniture comes from the minds of some of the most respected designers in the world. Each designer brings years of award-winning expertise to each piece of furniture and accessory. But perhaps more important is our mutual interpretation of great design: elegant, well considered products that reflect our time and improve our lives.


Our one-stop solution makes working together simple. We can handle everything from interior design, customising products to suit your brief, manufacturing, delivery, installation, and the storage and management of your order inventory. Plus, as standard we have an extensive after-sale service. Including the ability to hold templates of your furniture so it can be manufactured for years to come. 

Your furniture is a touchpoint and should reflect your brand and it’s clients. That’s why our collection is broad and designed by the best in the business; giving you everything you need. And if you need more, we offer an array of customisation options. And our Danish roots of purposeful functionality are seen in every design. 

Our decades of designing for private use, help us deliver an authentic essence of home. Essential for contemporary spaces in hospitality and office spaces. And essential for increasing your rentable yield within your residential portfolio.

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From initial project design through to manufacturing, delivery and installation BoConcept does it all. This ‘one-stop’ solution means you’ll only ever have to deal with one company.

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With over 65 years of experience, 300 stores worldwide across 65 countries, we are leaders in the furniture industry. This international recognition gives our brand its aspirational perception. Our brand name delivers substantial added value to our partners.

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Unlike others in our industry, today over 90% of BoConcept’s furniture is still produced in Denmark and other parts of Europe. This alone makes BoConcept truly unique.

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Our entire collection can be customised to suit your design aesthetic and required functionality. Every piece from our collection seamlessly fits with another creating a perfectly coordinated range of accessories. It’s easy to find the ideal solution for your needs.


Sustainability Credentials

In 2009, BoConcept joined the UN Global Compact, and the BoConcept CSR policy – which forms the framework of our CSR initiative. By 2020 we will be fully FSC certified meaning that all of our woods will be sourced from sustainable forests.

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Our delivery and installation teams are experienced BoConcept employees – reducing customer claims levels and damages. Our UK after-sales service teams partner with our team in Denmark, ensuring unrivalled product support and provide a fast track parts service.

Build-to-Rent Sector

As the Build-to-rent sector (BTR) grows, so does the demand for fully furnished properties. More than that, property furnishing that has been designed and equipped with contemporary lifestyles in mind. 

Tenants are looking for not just a home, but a lifestyle to match. That’s why our unique approach to interior design within the BTR market is second to none. Whether it’s our all-in-one design solutions or a project tailored to your clients’ individuality, be safe in the knowledge that their desire for the detailed design, unique style and simple functionality is reflected throughout our products, and design process. 

As well as creating the perfect lifestyle for your clients, we’re able to deliver a higher rental yield. How? Because our brand is more than aesthetics. We deliver craftsmanship, uncompromising attention to detail and exceptional materials. This equates to hundreds of thousands happy customers and a brand recognised all over the world.

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Whether your needs are vast or small, our work is always collaborative and tailored to you. Let’s discuss how we can help you today. You can send us a message using the form below and our team will get back to you as soon as possible by phone or email.

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